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Come to a relaxing day to learn the traditional techniques of spoon carving.
Join Industrial designer and furniture maker Alma Clementina for this comprehensive workshop. Using locally sourced timber you will design and create a life-long treasured piece.

 Classes will begin with a discussion about the types of timber, the tools used during class and a general overview about various carving techniques.


 At the end of the class you will have a one of a kind, hand-crafted object that will last a lifetime.


No previous experience is necessary for this class.


What will I learn in the class?

All students will learn the skills required to carve a spoon using traditional techniques and the use of appropriate hand tools.

What skills will I learn when attending the class?
You’ll have the knowledge required to select timber that is suitable for carving and the techniques required to carve and finish a wooden spoon.

What is the vibe of the class?
Decoteca operates as a casual space. Feel free to wear what makes you feel comfortable but be sure to wear enclosed shoes. Aprons will be provided.

What else will be provided?
All students will have access to a kit for use during class time. This will contain three carving knives, a sand brush, sand paper of varying grits, blocks of wood for carving, and finishing oils.

Can I keep the spoon I make?
Yes, all students will keep what they make and they’re encouraged to make more when classes are completed.

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