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Alma Arriaga is an Industrial Designer specialized in handmade timber furniture.  She founded Decoteca in 2014, in Monterrey, Mexico, a design studio that gave her a space to create her own timber pieces, encouraged local talent and opened a platform to promote new design ideas.

Since then, Alma has been involved in a vast array of exclusive projects that include handmade pieces and diverse wood carving projects. She is also making her mark in creating and redesigning spaces, new venues for numerous companies, art installations, music festivals and also residencies.

Functionality and modernity define Alma’s "go to" in design. She emphasizes that Decoteca was created not only for her to design and build timber furniture, but also with the intent to open its doors to a like-minded clientele. Thus, her studio offers different courses on handmade pieces and showcases the trends of creativity and impulsive artistic thinking that we encounter in Mexico.

Alma is currently making furniture, carving spoons and other timber projects in her workshop in Melbourne, Australia. More than ever before, she is eager to share her knowledge and experience with any timber enthusiasts out there.

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